Landlord’s Entry Rights To A Rental Property

At the time a landlord rents out their property to a tenant, the landlord also loses his right to enter the said rental property. Nevertheless, the property owner keeps a certain degree of rights to access the rental unit under special circumstances. Although the particulars may vary based on the stipulations enclosed in your lease agreement and depending on the existing housing laws in your state, but the general rules still apply in most rental situations.Tenant ConsentThe landlord can gain access to an occupied rental property if the tenant gives him the consent to enter. In spite of the provisions in the contract, the property owner can come inside the rental property if the tenant gives him the permission to access. But the tenant may provide conditions as to the length of time the landlord can stay, areas in the property where the landowner can go and what they can do.Reasonable NoticeMost lease agreements and housing laws state that property owners can enter the occupied rental unit after handing the tenant a reasonable notice. Generally, the response of the tenant to the request for access and the consent to allow the landlord enter the property is a requisite. Moreover, most state laws and lease agreements require the renter to act in good faith, which implies that he can’t absurdly limit the landlord’s access. The property owner can usually come inside the rental unit for a valid cause such as undertaking inspection for suspected damage or breach of the contract of lease or to show the property to a potential occupant to take over after the termination of the present lease.EmergenciesRegardless of the stipulations in your contract of lease, most state laws give a landlord the right to enter the premises of the rental at the time of emergency. What makes an incident emergency is often a judgment call, but technically an emergency is a situation that can cause a considerable or everlasting damage to either property or to an individual inside the property.Lease Agreement ProvisionsThere are lease agreements that state additional stipulations as to when the property owner may come into the rented property. For instance, it is typical for a lease to permit the property owner to enter a rental property if the renter default and fails to remedy that default. In addition, the landlord or the property manager can gain the privilege to access a rented property at any time to demonstrate the property to a prospective buyer or potential renter.

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