Three Photography Marketing Secrets You Should Know

You and I are not professionally trained marketers. We don’t have a Marketing degree from Harvard. No – we’re professional photographers who love photography and basically hate marketing.But, there are three photography marketing secrets you should know. These three secrets are life-changing, and no one has probably ever revealed them to you – until now.Photography Marketing Secret #1: It’s critical you create a huge demand for your “limited supply” and then control the volume of work you do with the price.When I first started in photography, I didn’t “get” this at all. I thought like this: “How much marketing do I need to do anyway? I’m just one person. How many clients can I possibly work with anyway? I’m small, so my marketing can be small.”No! In an artistic profession such as photography, it’s important to realize that you must create a HUGE demand for your limited supply, and then you control the volume of work you do with the prices you charge.So what you need to do is think much bigger. You need to have “multiple streams of marketing” out in your marketing area. (See #3 below.)Photography Marketing Secret #2: Remember, not everyone with a pulse is a good prospect for you. In order to be successful, you must be willing to send some people away.I first learned this from the great Donald Jack, with whom I understudied and apprenticed with for two years at the beginning of my photography career. I owe so much to him, and am so thankful for all he taught me.The point here is that there is only a certain limited number of people you are going to be able to work with, so you need to pick and choose very carefully who you allow to hire you.So what you do is create that HUGE demand for your limited supply, as I talked about above, and then you carefully pick who you will work with out of all the people who contact you as a result of your great photography marketing.Now, I know this sounds strange – most photographers are thinking all the time about how they can get MORE clients to work with – and not really thinking at all about whether or not a certain client “qualifies” to work with. And that is one of the reasons most photographers are not successful.So, starting right now, you want to qualify each person who contacts you (by asking them questions) to make sure there is enough potential there for you to take the time to work with them. (More on this in upcoming articles.)Photography Marketing Secret #3: The most dangerous number in photography marketing is the number one. Don’t put all your “eggs” into one basket when it comes to photography marketing.What I mean by this is that you can’t just “use the Internet” and expect to get all the clients you will ever need. And likewise, you can’t just “do a mailing” and have that be the only marketing you do. Not in this day and age.I have found that you need about 16 different marketing methods, or “medias” to get enough good qualified people actually sitting in front of your camera. So stop thinking that just one single way is enough!You see, the shocking, honest truth about photography marketing is this: It’s way more work than you thought it was going to be when you first decided to get into the photography business. It takes planning, study, research, testing, good copywriting, calls to action, closes, double readership paths, multiple means of response, guarantees, and so many more things for your marketing to be effective and bring you the people you want to work with.So there you have them – three major photography marketing secrets that 95% of all photographers in the world do not realize. Now you do, and if you will take action on what I just revealed to you, your photography business will grow and prosper while your competitors are complaining and dropping like flies!All the best to you,Charles J. Lewis, M. Photog., Cr.

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Why Renters Insurance is Worth the Investment

Are you sitting there trying to weigh the pros and cons of shelling out a few extra dollars a month for a renters insurance policy? Don’t think, just do it. The benefits of renters insurance far outweigh the amount you’re going to pay in premiums each year-if disaster strikes, your insurance policy might be the only thing standing between you and fiscal devastation the likes of which your finances have never seen before.Overly dramatic? Probably. The truth is that most renters never file a claim with their insurance company, making the amount they pay in premiums each year completely unnecessary. On the other hand, there are thousands of renters out there who have been eternally grateful to their renters insurance for saving their bacon when disaster struck.
According to the National Department of Justice, rental properties are 79% more likely to be targeted by burglars than owned homes. That means at a renter you’re 79% more likely to get ripped off than the guy that owns the three bedroom ranch house down the road. It’s not fair, but then, when is anything involving petty larceny ever fair?
Now, if someone were to take every single item of value out of your home, from your Christian Dior designer sunglasses to your Timberland boots and your $2,000 HDTV, how much do you think they would have taken in all? Thousands of dollars worth of property? Tens of thousands of dollars? Most Americans have far more money just sitting around their homes in the form of jewelry, electronics, antiques, collectibles and clothing than they think they do, and if you’re robbed, or your building is set ablaze, or those April showers do a lot more than propagate May’s flower beds, that’s all going to be lost in a second. That’s where your renters insurance comes into play.
Renters insurance is homeowners insurance designed specifically with renters in mind, which means you get all the protection against theft, fire, flood, natural disasters and clumsy neighbors looking to retire on your dime you need without all the unnecessary coverage you don’t. In plain English, that means you can usually find a renters insurance policy that charges you less than you’re currently paying for your auto insurance coverage without much trouble-and your renters insurance has the chance to save you a whole lot more than your auto insurance policy ever will. Unless you’re currently driving the Buggati Veyron. Then all bets are off. (For those of you who have never heard of the Buggati Veyron, market prices start at $1,700,000 and go up from there.)
Renters insurance stands as front line protection between you and the things that go bump in the night and want to clean out your bank account. Don’t you have something better to do with thousands of dollars than try to replace the television and computer that were lifted out of your apartment while you were out of town? For a fraction of the expense you could rest easy knowing your home and its contents are safe and sound in the hands of your insurance company.

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Advantages of Doing Email Marketing For Automotive Dealers

Email Marketing helps automotive dealers to enhance relationship with existing customer base and to acquire new customers. It enables automotive dealers to target specific group of customers to share information timely and affordably. Adopting E-mail marketing strategy enables automotive dealers to directly contact their potential customers, promote business, and stay ahead of competitors. Unlike many traditional marketing methods, E-mail marketing is quick, convenient, and a trackable form of communication.Efficient and Effective Communication Way
Apart from directly getting in touch with large database of existing customers, Email Marketing helps automotive dealers to grow new business opportunities. It is ‘push’ based marketing method enabling dealers to reach a substantial set of customers in shorter delivery time. A well designed customized content in email in Text or HTML format gives a personal touch that is sure to cast a good impression on the new and existing customers. Automotive dealers can also directly receive valuable feedback from the customers through emails. A targeted email can helps to know specific requirements of customers. Sending questionnaires through emails can help gain valuable information from customers.Remains In Touch With Customers On A Regular Basis
Maintaining relations with existing customer base is important for any automotive dealer. Email marketing is convenient and easy way to get in touch with customers and keep them informed about various schemes, services, products, and events etc that are launched by automotive dealer. Staying in touch with customers through emails helps to build long-term relationships and increase the repetitive customers. Existing customer can also refer the dealer to their friends, relatives, and known persons thereby gaining the new customers. As e-mail marketing is easy, reliable, and quick way to reach large customer base, the automotive dealers can remain in contact with the customers on a regular basis. Keeping in contact with customers can put the dealers ahead of their competitors.Grows Loyalty within Existing Customer Database
Maintaining regular contact with customers can increase their loyalty to automotive dealer’s business. Sending newsletters, latest updates of dealer’s activities, developments in automobile sector, offers, launch of new models of cars etc through emails can help to improve customer’s loyalty towards the dealer. Emails can be sent to existing customers on their birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals, and also informing about new schemes launched in recent past. This can make the customer feel special for being associated with dealer and increases the loyalty in return. It helps to persuade customers, by reminding the particular automotive dealer on his next any automobile purchase.Cost Effective
Email Marketing is a useful way to communicate online and reach customers because of its cost-effectiveness. Dealers need to spend relatively low to send emails to their customers compared to other forms of communication media. Employing email-marketing technique can provide good return on investment (ROI). Also, email-marketing enables to track what customers are reading in the emails. The dealers can analyze the effectiveness of email marketing strategy being used for whether it works out or not.Email marketing is an effective online marketing tool for automotive business to reach a large existing customer base, to include new customers and drive sales. Automotive dealers can leverage email marketing to grow business from the existing customer base and to acquire new customers as well.

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