Workout Program for Women – Effectively Improve Your Health and Fitness Today

First, I’m going to dispel a myth: lifting weights will not make women bulky and manlike. Becoming bulky will only happen for women if their testosterone levels increase significantly and there is only one way for that to happen- take steroids. If they don’t take steroids they won’t become bulky and manlike. When women realize this, they often desire to join a gym because they want to start a resistance training workout program. The problem is they often have no idea where to begin. I’m going to outline a three things that will help.Get some education. Do not go to a gym and do two things that many people do which are both big mistakes. One is to go from one machine to another and go through all the machines twice. The other is to watch what others do and then try and copy it- normally without them realizing you are copying their exercise (you know what I mean). The problems with these are outside the scope of this article, but don’t do these! You should get a book, read a reputable magazine, hire a personal trainer, or get educated information however you wish.Have a workout program. Everyone must have a plan to be effective. Some workout programs are better than others, but any type of program or plan will be more effective than nothing. A few options you have are to hire a personal trainer to write you a plan that you can do on your own. You may also have a personal trainer be at every session with you and tell you what to do. If you pick this option pick their brain so that you can create your own program one day. Another option is to find a pre-written program. I recommend The 6 Week Workout Program for many people, but I’m a little biased because I am the author of that book. You can also work hard on educating yourself and create your own program. If you pick this option start with another program first so that you have a pre-written program until you’ve educated yourself enough to write your own workout plan.Set Goals. Setting goals is essential when embarking on a quest to get more fit and healthier. Without goals, missing a day of your program is inevitable. Events, stresses, moods, and schedule make it easy to “not have time” or “do it tomorrow”. Goals need to be set by you with help from someone experienced in setting goals that allow you to see progress and that are attainable. Many people quit their workout programs and abandon their fitness and health desires for months or years as a result of frustration from not achieving their goals. Get some help!Get some education; have a workout program; set goals. These are three strategies that will make it possible for you to see success in seeking enhanced health and a higher level of fitness. Start today on your quest!

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